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AdStuds is an annual, one day student conference for advertising, marketing and design majors. With a new theme each year, AdStuds offered a creative blank slate to concept for the theme, “Take Flight”. The theme plays with the idea of air travel with arrivals and departures as metaphors for the beginning and end of one’s college experience and preparing for the trip that lies ahead.

Additional promotional deliverables include lugguage-inspired posters and digital ads targeting area universities and a website featuring a live Q & A session with professional “pilots” and event registration information on plane ticket graphics. During the event, students received passport booklets with the day’s iternary and an airplane wing name tag to fill-out.

As a result, over 240 students and professionals attended the event and the campaign won a Gold Addy® award in the self-promotion, mixed media campaign category.

Clients :: AIGA South DakotaSouth Dakota Ad Fed
Creative / Design :: Kristi Wire
Web Development :: Jill Smith
Printing :: Mailway Printers

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