Epicosity Office Graphics Yoko Doors

Bare Walls Be Gone


Thunk! Floor-to-ceiling glass walls are a collision waiting to happen. To eliminate the bruise fest, I created 220 square feet of semi-translucent window graphics to help people maneuver through Epicosity’s building safely and in style.

A geometric building layout provided an opportunity to design with angles in mind. Every window has a connecting point that lines up with a previous / next window to create a continuous loop throughout the space. Diagonal patterns were intentionally crafted to reflect Epicosity’s core branding and website design. The pattern around the quote, “If you listen carefully…” slowly transforms from hearing to speech sound waves to diagonal patterns again.

Epicosity’s Creative Director, Scott Ostman, named the two conference rooms, Yoko and Ono, and wanted to display his favorite quote, “We’ve always done it this way (with a big X over top).” After 10 minutes of sitting in Ono planning where the quote would go, I asked him what his thoughts were on manually painting a big X over the quote with a broom, dragging it across the walls of the room, then mounting it at an angle to look like a paint brush in motion. Ostman enjoyed the concept so much that he asked, “What else can we do with this room?” Looking at the wood panels on the other side of the room, I suggested, “ What about making this wall into piano keys? Paint them white and nail in shorter planks to resemble black keys.”

Client :: Epicosity
Art Direction / Design :: Kristi Wire
Printer :: Express Copy & Printing

Epicosity Office Graphics Listen Window
Epicosity Office Graphics Ono panoramic
Epicosity Office Graphics Display wall
Epicosity Office Graphics Yoko
Epicosity Office Graphics Ono Detail